BEST Scholarship Application

A BEST, Inc. scholarship is awarded to need-based students of diverse backgrounds with an interest in continuing his/her education in various fields such as, but not limited to, Education, Business, Health Care, and CriminalJustice.

Scholarship Guidelines

While attending College, a 2.8 GPA is expected to be maintained in order to receive the full amount of the BEST, Inc. conditional scholarship award. The ‘condition’ of this award is that upon college graduation, you will seek and accept, if offered, employment within your community in your chosen college career field for a minimum of two (2) years. Upon acceptance of your application, you will be asked to sign a contract (click here to download contract) with the BEST Organization that you will adhere to the conditions of the scholarship award. If you do not adhere to the conditions of the Scholarship, you will forfeit your award with the BEST Scholarship Organization.

Scholarship Requirements

Only completed application packages will be considered. See requirements below:

You may scan these items and attach them in the form below or seal them in an envelope and send to:

P.O Box 3250
Bethlehem, PA 18017

Personal and Contact Information