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Building Education Support Teams.

BEST, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was co-founded in 2008 as an attempt to aid students in need of financial assistance to fulfill their dreams and goals of obtaining a college education.

We are run by a dedicated team of volunteers who believe in the foundation of a strong education. Our elected Board of Directors oversees the organization and ensures that the mission and strategies set forth are incorporated in helping our students achieve academic success and accomplish their goals and dreams.

Our Board's mission is to mentor and inspire, to assist and enlighten, and to partner with the area businesses and post-secondary institutions to raise funds for student scholarships.


To create educational & career opportunities.

We provide scholarship awards to qualifying students in need of financial assistance. Each student is paired with a mentor whose responsibility is to follow the student throughout their college career and beyond. 

Our mission is to create educational and career opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds to obtain a college degree and join the Lehigh Valley workforce.

Our scholarship recipients are expected to return to their community and seek and accept, if offered, employment for two years (24 consecutive months).

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